HTFSE Premium Cured Resin (1g)


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HTFSE Premium Cured Resin (1G)

This High Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract has been crafted to perfection! HTFSE is a spectacular extract filled with an abundance of terpenes and all the natural components of the original plant. The goal of this extract is to produce an accurate representation of the marijuana plant in a delectable extract form. The best way to use this product is by dabbing. HTFSE does not have insanely high THC concentrations like other standard concentrates and extracts; however, HTFSE is still sure to provide users with a fairly strong high! The average THC content of HTFSE is around 40-60% and is balanced out with an average 20-40% terpene content to ultimately create a potent product that is super flavorful and delicious!

Best Use
This Sativa hybrid strain is great for a hike or a relaxing day at the beach. A bright and energetic high with a punch. Great for social occasions and creativity.

Very citrusy, Flavours of Mandarin, Oranges and lime with hints of berry and pine.

Medium to High Strength

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HTFSE Premium Cured Resin (1G)