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CBD for Stress & Anxiety

Pets commonly feel anxiety from situational and behaviors. For example, a dog has been left alone at home all day feeling stress from long separation. Dog anxiety can include: pacing, panting, whimpering, or aggression. CBD helps reduce nervous breakdowns and calms the pet naturally.

CBD for Pains

CBD are common use for aging pets with symptoms of pain. If you notice your pet is having first sign of pain, please contact your veterinarian or ask about CBD for your pet. CBD helps to manage pains in: inflammation, chronic pain, neuropathic pain, nerve pain, joint pain, migraines, and fibromyalgia. CBD is still an early stage in the industry; as a result, there needs to be futher research to be conducted to understand the theapeutic potential of CBD.

CBD for Seizure

Seizure tends to happens in different types ways from twitch to uncontrollable shaking. Seizure can be cause from health condition, electrolyte problems, tropical flea and tick products, herbicides and pesticides, vaccines, or head injury. However, if your dog suffers from regular seizures, it might be epilepsy. Please contact your veterinarian for any signs of seizures and ask about using CBD for your dog.

In Science News, CBD clinical trail results on seizure frequency in dogs. Based on data collected, Dr. Stephanie McGrath found that 89% of dogs who received CBD in clinical trail had a reduction in the frequency of the seizures. Learn More