Roid Rage


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buy roid rage strain online at bud beaver canada
buy roid rage strain online at bud beaver canada
buy roid rage strain online at bud beaver canada

Roid Rage is a beefcake indica/sativa hybrid from Dark Horse Genetics that’s absolutely ripped and gets its name from its fattened, flexed appearance, aggressive growth, and super-strong THC content that’ll test your psychoactive strength to its limits.

Roid Rage Genetic Profile

Fresh out of boot camp and ready to show some muscle, this strong-armed marijuana hybrid from Dark Horse Genetics offers vigorous growth, hard-hitting effects, and punchy flavours to rival any contender. Bred from HGH #8 – a specially selected phenotype of the seed co’s 2018 GMO Cookies x Bruce Banner cross – and their own Bitch Slap bestseller, Roid Rage lineage benefits from two of the most strapping marijuana around strains and comes loaded with vim and vigour. 

Roid Rage marijuana seeds aren’t yet available in a feminized, or autoflowering format but with these regular seeds working for you, you’ll still likely end up stacked with plenty of dense and brawny buds. With THC levels of up to 30% easily achievable by even novice growers, it’s certainly not a strain to be messed around with, but for fans of maximum power and effortless growth, this potent performer got gains! 

Roid Rage Strain Terpene Profile

The candied mothball scent of GMO Cookies – sometimes known as Garlic Cookies – is ever-present in Roid Rage aroma, but thanks to genes passed on via Bitch Slap’s Kosher Kush, Zkittlez, and OG Eddy Lepp connections, this pheno’s funky profile is far more complex. A slightly rotting, sweaty smell combines with sweet and sour grapefruit elements, ripe strawberry, and pungent gasoline, creating an overpowering taste and smell that’ll knock your olfactory senses into next week. 

In nature, this sickly sweet profile is used to attract pollinating insects and deter others from causing damage. Roid Rage dominant terpenes are limonene and myrcene, which provide its stinky fruit flavours, and caryophyllene and terpinolene, which have more of a chemical kick. This terpenic team also augment many of the strain’s beefy psychoactive effects. 

Roid Rage Strain Effects

Bruce Banner and Garlic Cookies are two of the strongest cannabis strains commercially available, and with minimal effort, cannabis cultivators can expect Roid Rage THC levels to soar high. Its psychoactive effect is very intense but balanced, with the former strain promoting a giddy, sativa-leaning cerebral high and the latter lending its incredible pain-killing powers and indica-influenced sedative side.

Don’t underestimate the ferocity of Roid Rage effects. They won’t send you on a rampage as its name might suggest, but, in larger doses, a fight against couchlock is almost guaranteed. We recommend avoiding smoking this heavyweight HGH 8 x Bitch Slap breed in the daytime and, if you’re a novice user, you should definitely opt for something with a little less muscle.

Roid Rage Strain Medical Benefits

Steroids aren’t only abused as a shortcut to strength gain; they’re actually an anti-inflammatory medicine with multiple medical uses. Roid Rage medical benefits can offer similar effects but without pharmaceutical involvement. The strain’s intense physical effects are highly effective at killing pain and inflammation at the source and are ideally suited to those recovering from injury or suffering from chronic conditions like migraines.

One common side-effect of traditional steroids is sleep disruption, but with Roid Rage medical seeds, this is of no concern. In fact, the potent sedative side of this high THC/low CBD strain can be used to effectively treat sleep disorders like insomnia without any of the drowsy side effects that sometimes accompany over-the-counter sleep aids.

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buy roid rage strain online at bud beaver canada
buy roid rage strain online at bud beaver canada
buy roid rage strain online at bud beaver canada