Buy Shatter Online in Canada: Your Guide to All Things Shatter

Buy Shatter Online in Canada: Your Guide to All Things Shatter - Bud Beaver Canada

If you thought regular cannabis bud was great, wait until you try shatter. Cannabis shatter is a particular type of marijuana concentrate whose impressive strength and unique flavor make it a fan favorite.

If you’re new to shatter, keep reading — we’ll be going over all the great things about cannabis shatter here!

  • What is shatter?
  • Understanding shatter’s clarity
  • History of shatter
  • Benefits of shatter
  • Why use shatter when you can just smoke bud?
  • How to tell if your shatter is premium-quality
  • How to smoke shatter
  • How to store shatter
  • Is cannabis shatter legal in Canada
  • Is cannabis shatter safe?
  • Is shatter the same as other dabs?
  • What is CBD shatter?
  • Canada’s best shatter

What is Shatter?

Shatter is a potent form of cannabis extract that looks like amber honey that has been hardened to glass. The hardened consistency of the extract causes it to shatter like glass, where its slang name ‘shatter’  originated. 

The shatter concentrate undergoes specific processing techniques that involve the use of solvents such as hydrocarbons or butane to pull the plant’s cannabinoids into concentrated levels of THC and CBD.  Only premium marijuana bud is used during the extraction process to create shatter.

Ideally, you should opt to purchase only premium shatter that has undergone a solvent-free extraction process such as CO2 extraction to ensure purity.  Buy from Bud Beaver Canada to make sure your shatter was extracted right.

Shatter is known to be brimming with 70-90% THC, sometimes even higher! It’s one of the most potent marijuana extracts available. Shatter also has a robust flavor and aroma. The amber hue of shatter belies its robust terpenes and cannabinoids content.

Understanding Shatter’s Clarity

The clarity of shatter is due to the distribution of molecules which are stacked in straight rows on top of each other. The alignment lets light pass through the extract giving it a glass-like clarity. Many things can impact the appearance such as heat, terpene content and extraction. In some cases, it looks more like translucent sap. Other concentrates are either shaken, whipped or stirred which agitate the molecules and create a cloudy look.

History of Shatter

The world of cannabis is growing and expanding as the plant undergoes legalization. Users are looking for more ways to enjoy the herb. The history of shatter is primarily entwined with the ancient practice of hashish production. In the late 1990s, cannabis concentration underwent a drastic metamorphosis as it became more refined. At this point, shatter emerged.


  1. Gold published the second edition of his 1973 book in 1989, which impacted cannabis extraction. The book Cannabis Alchemy: The Art of Modern Hashmaking provided a very precise explanation of the process of making hash. At about the same time, Michael Starks also republished the second edition of his 1977 book Marijuana Chemistry: Genetics Processing and Potency, which went into even more depth about hash processing. The books were trailblazers and are credited with the creation of shatter and other extracts.

The Canadian extraction company BudderKing launched shatter and budder in the late 1990s, and the concentrates quickly started to dominate dispensary shelves by 2003. The Cannabis Culture magazine published the extraction techniques in 2005 and 2010. Since then, many have embraced and started marketing shatter. Nowadays, dabbers often state, “If it doesn't shatter, it doesn't matter,” to show their support of the wildly popular marijuana concentrate.

Benefits of Shatter

Shatter aficionados love the fact that dabbing the concentrate ensures a fast delivery method. The cannabinoids quickly enter the bloodstream and provide instant effects.

Another perk is shatter’s potency, which means that a little bit goes a long way. It doesn’t take much shatter to feel the difference instantly.

Most people have taken a hit of burning plant material to start gasping for air because of the burning throat sensation. Smoking a joint is a classic ingestion method, but it also exposes your lungs to harmful chemicals.  Vaping and dabbing are easier on the throat and lungs.

You can dab only once or twice to truly enjoy the many benefits of the cannabinoids without having to inhale harsh smoke - instead, the shatter dab just vaporizes.

Another perk of shatter is its unquestionable stability. The molecular structure of the extract enables it to last longer without degrading, which often occurs with was or other extracts.

The only real complaint or disadvantage of shatter is its hard consistency. Many users have a difficult time breaking it up into small doses. One trick you can use to break shatter is to heat your dabber to break off a dab amount from the shatter. Think of it as heating a knife to cut through cold, hard butter. The dabber functions in much the same way to scoop up the shatter.

Why use shatter when you can just smoke bud?

To put it simply...

Because there’s no more convenient, more potent way to experience cannabis.

For many, shatter is too strong. It’s typically not for newbie users but only those with THC experience.

Shatter Alternatives

The alternatives to shatter include marijuana bud, pre-rolls, THC oil, edibles, and other cannabis concentrates — including hash, budder, and live resin.

‘Regular’ marijuana buds are a great way to go if you’re looking for something a little milder. CBD is a good choice if you’re trying to avoid psychoactive side effects, too, and you want to remain clean from THC (many people face unexpected employment drug tests, so opt for THC-free CBD products). And for those seeking an experience on the other side of the spectrum, you can always give magic mushrooms a try!

How to tell if your shatter is premium-quality

Many users mistakenly believe that you can look at shatter to tell its purity. However, appearance isn’t everything. Yes, good shatter has a consistent honey hue - not too light and not too dark. However, the shade of the shatter does not denote purity. Golden shatter can easily contain leftover solvents, such as butane, which are invisible to the human eye.

All the color of shatter means is that the molecules have not undergone excessive agitation during color. The extraction process used to make shatter and wax are virtually the same. However, blasters take greater care to ensure that the oil used for shatter isn’t agitated, or it will crystalize, making it change from a translucent appearance to more of an opaque or cloudy look that is similar to wax.

Shatter consistency and appearance will vary, so there is no way to tell premium quality shatter visually. The raw extract is poured out to form a thin, flat slab. It is then left undisturbed to purge. The final product’s appearance is always different but is not an indication of purity.

Also, when you are shopping for shatter, you probably think that you need to find shatter that has a consistency of glass or it’s not good. However, shatter is available in different consistencies and can still be premium.

A sappy, gooier shatter is often made with decarboxylated THC. It is just as potent but has a different consistency. Sappy shatter often contains higher levels of CBD than brittle shatter.

One thing you’ll notice about shatter is the aroma is superb. The process used to concentrate the terpenes brings out the aroma and flavor. You are wondering if you have premium shatter, smell it, and try it -- your tastebuds and sense of smell won’t let you down. 

How to smoke shatter

Smoking shatter is easy. Just put a small portion of your favorite shatter (called a ‘dab’) onto the heated nail of a dab rig and start puffing! For a lower-tech method, try rolling some shatter into a joint.

Dabbed or vaporized (without a doubt, dabbing is the most popular way to enjoy shatter), using shatter is a great way to reap the full benefits of a cannabis concentrate.

You can also take a crumb of shatter and place it directly on your bong snapper if you crave an intense hit with a kick. When it comes to using shatter - let your imagination take hold.

Regardless of which option you choose, shatter provides one of the cleanest forms of cannabis concentrate out there. Another plus? Shatter is strong enough that it’s very economical = a little bit goes a long way, especially if you’re a frequent toker.

How to store shatter

Shatter requires proper storage to remain potent with ample flavor. To halt degradation, store the shatter in an airtight container that is also light proof. Keep it in a cool room. Always protect it from high temperatures, excessive humidity, direct sunlight and oxygen.

Store your shatter in a fridge to maximize its flavor, mouthfeel, and overall shelf life. When in doubt, keep in cool and dark! Shatter can last for months in optimal conditions.

Is cannabis shatter legal in Canada?

Yes — cannabis concentrates of all sorts have been legal in Canada since October 17, 2019. This includes rosin, live rosin, budder, and shatter! Anyone over the age of 21 can legally partake.

Marijuana’s legalization is unfolding as we speak, so stay up-to-date with Canada’s Cannabis Act.

Is cannabis shatter safe?

Yes — cannabis shatter is entirely safe. Even the high THC doses it contains are very, very far from dangerous.

That being said, cannabis shatter is not for beginners. Nor should it be used before driving or working. Taking more THC than your body can lead to nausea, hallucinations, or even serotonin syndrome.

Is shatter the same as other dabs?  

Shatter is used by dabbing, but not all dabs are shatter. Dabbing is a common way to consume cannabis concentrats and inovles the use of a watter pipe which is commonly referred to as a dab rig. The rig boasts a flat bowl along with a nail which is designed to withstand high temperature to quickly vaporize the dab concentrate. 

A shatter dab has significant levels of THC wso creates a far more potent high that features terpen-rich aromas and flavors.

The only significant to dabbinbg is that it requires specific toolsand a basic knowledgeof how to use the dab rig. The temperature of the nail does matter and will impact hte flavor and experience.

What is CBD Shatter?

When you think of shatter -- you think of high THC but some manufacturers are making shatter with a focus on CBD. The THC content of CBD shatter is very low. Normally CBD shatter is focused on the cannabinoids medicinal and terhapeutic benefits instead of the intoxicating and euphoric effectx of THC.

Canada’s best shatter

We carry over 40 varieties of premium shatter. Every one of them is ultra-pure, ultra-tasty, and ultra-premium.

Use Bud Beaver Canada for all your cannabis shatter needs, and trust us for our 2+ years of experience. Over 10,000 Canadians use us as their online dispensary in Canada. We provide Canadians with top weed delivery services, low prices, a wide selection of cannabis products, and outstanding customer service.

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